And the foundation continues.

Every home absolutely must have a foundation.  We are frequently asked, “….can I build my home on a slab?”  The short answer to that question is NO.  No, you cannot build a residential house on a slab!  The severe cold in winter along with the frost penetrating the ground; a system of footings that are below the frost line is without question necessary.  Yesterday’s picture showed footings for our newest home; they had just been built.

In today’s picture you can see that Plywood Forms have been erected to hold the liquid cement in place while it sets up into concrete.  The forms, each being eight inches apart from the other create a pair of rigid walls, the void between those two walls is then filled with concrete that is pumped out of the cement truck into the forms.

Within one day the concrete will have set or cured enough so that the forms can be removed.  Once the forms are removed the curing of the concrete speeds up and within a week to ten days the concrete is strong enough so that Vermont Modular Homes can come and set the home up on top of the wall.

Today you are looking at one of the men on top of the forms directing the flow of concrete out of the delivery truck, through its shoot out into the forms.  Depending on the size of the new home the foundation will take enough cement from two or three fully loaded cement trucks.

Cement trucks, like everything, come in all shapes and sizes.  Today’s truck is one that off-loads the cement out the front, these are affectionately called “Ant Eater” trucks.  Many off-load their cement out the back.  Either truck is fine, they get the job done.

Tomorrow will look at a brand-new wall without the forms.

When concrete if first poured it is relatively weak and needs time to harden and cure.  As cement is curing the chemical reaction generates its own heat which speeds the evaporation of the water that was mixed with Portland Cement, sand, and aggregate creating concrete.

Concrete generally takes 28 days before it has reached 100% of its strength although it can withstand the weight of a home in a week to ten days.

When concrete is poured in the colder months the heat generated by the curing helps to keep everything from freezing.  Winter will be here soon enough and that will be something to remember and take into account as we continue to build homes.

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