April Showers bring May flowers! Right?

Is it correct that April Showers do bring May flowers?  I am not really sure so I walked out the office and took a look outside, egad!  It is one of those April rainy chilly miserable days.

I wonder how many residential construction projects are working smoothly today?  Let’s pretend your new home is being site built; are you pleased with the progress today?  How about the building materials, are they being properly cared for? 

In the midst of puddles, mud, slop, and just plain miserable weather it is difficult, expensive, and moves along very slowly.  The weather report for this week looks just great for Thursday.  The rest of the week we have rain and on Wednesday it is going to snow.  Yup, isn’t April just great!

Let’s take a look at Modular Homes.  Today, in the rain and identically miserable conditions, work is moving along nicely in the plant where it is not raining.  And, on Wednesday when it snows that won’t happen either. 

If you are wondering why modular homes cost less, it is because the work is far more productive.  The amount of wasted time is vastly reduced. 

This is a very brief description of a modular home:

  • Identical building specifications!
  • 100% guaranteed Code Compliant!
  • Built inside in a controlled environment
  • Far more productive resulting is lower costs.
  • Superior quality throughout
  • 100% Custom Built, your new home will be exactly the way you want
  • Energy Efficient – Vermont Modular builds one of Vermont’s Most Energy Efficient homes!  We are very proud of that.

One of the most amazing aspects of a modular home is how quickly it gets done.  We ordered a home last week and it will be delivered in six weeks.  Try that while it is raining outside!

So, what do you think?

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