Are you liking the idea of an ADU ?

Yesterday we introduced you to an ADU and of course everyone vividly remembers exactly what an ADU is.  Right?  Ok, maybe not.

An ADU is an Accessory Dwelling Unit that is allowed both by Vermont and New York.  It is where you are allowed to have a second dwelling unit on one parcel of land.  The Legislature created ADU’s as a way to help families care for either Mom or Dad or both in their own private dwelling that is usually located on one of The Kids lots.

As the population of Vermont ages, it is euphemistically called “The Greying of Vermont.”  Doesn’t that sound lovely.  Well, there are those of us that would prefer to be not quite so grey.  Oh well, back to ADU’s

Today’s picture is of the very same ADU we showed you yesterday but several weeks earlier as it was being built in the plant.

Look carefully at the outside of the house, it is a medium to dark Grey.  That Grey is the color of 1½” of Rigid Foam on the outside of the building.  Since lumber is a great conductor of heat and therefore acts as a good Thermal Bridge we attach the foam on the outside of the building to act as a Thermal Barrier.  We build our homes like this to provide you with a superior home that is Super Insulated.

A Super Insulated home from Vermont Modular will keep you warm and comfortable for many decades to come while conserving Energy.

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