Are you thinking of a spectacular Chalet ?

So, would you like to live in a Chalet Style home where the living room, the dining room, and the kitchen are all in one huge area with a Vaulted Ceiling?

Oh, come on!  You know today’s photograph is amazing!  As you lounge on the sofa watching TV there’s a wall of glass that looks out at a spectacular view of the mountains, The wood burning fireplace brings on a sense of warmth and comfort that is hard to match.

Look out through the windows and you see that everything is covered with a fresh blanket of snow, it is winter and a fantastic time of the year to enjoy family as you are all inside warm and together.

The engineering that goes into building such a spectacular home is incredible.  This home is located up in the mountains of Vermont in an area prone for a lot of snow fall.  The “Snow Load” up on the roof is thoroughly calculated and then the house is engineered to withstand the enormous load of all that snow.

Building a Modular Home is an Engineering Marvel where design and science all meet to provide you with a remarkable home unlike any other.

Look at all the glass, it is high efficiency Triple Pane glass that is roughly 40% better performing that conventional Thermo Pane windows.  Vermont Modular uses only the best building products to provide you with one of Vermont’s most Energy Efficient homes.  We are very proud of this!

So, if your new home is up in the mountains of Lamoille County or next to Lake Champlain in Addison County Vermont, your new home will be exactly the way you want.  You are going to love your new home!

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