Big Day is coming

Tomorrow is Halloween, a silly day that many children look forward to because for them it is a festive day when they can dress up as any of their favorite characters and then go out Trick or Treating.  Who is your favorite character?  There was a day when Superman and Batman were the Top Dogs of Halloween but lately there are so many wonderful characters out there it is hard to pick one.

As your kids go out and about dressed up you a building a life time of memories that will eventually be passed along to the next generation.

When the trick or treating is over it’s time to come home, sit by the fire, and listen to all the tales of a Kid’s Favorite Holiday.

It is one of those holidays that emanates from your home out into the neighborhood and then returns to the warmth of family in their own home.

All of us here at Vermont Modular wish everyone a Happy Halloween!  Enjoy the day and make it a part of your family’s memories.  I love hearing the kids knock on my front door.  I love all those smiles on happy faces of neighborhood neighbors. 

This year I have those round chocolate things that have a cream filling and truthfully I’m hoping some are left, l love them!

Happy Halloween everyone!

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