Can a home be set in the winter?

Lately we’ve been talking about building your new home inside away from Nature’s harsh winter weather.  Yesterday’s photograph showed you a home being built inside the factory.  It wasn’t snowing, the wind wasn’t blowing, and it wasn’t cold. 

By the way, we are asked a lot how warm it inside the plant.  Typically, the factory runs about fifty to sixty degrees; warm enough for materials to work nicely but not so warm that the workers are uncomfortable.

But……………., sooner or later that house needs to be delivered and set on its permanent foundation.

Take a long look at today’s photograph and believe me when I tell you that was one of the coldest days we have ever set a house.  So, how cold was it you ask?  The photograph was up on top of a mountain near Morrisville Vermont back in 2010, the sun was NOT shining, the wind was howling, the snow was blowing everywhere, and the temperature was as I remember minus ten degrees.  Honestly, it was truly awful.

So, you ask…., how awful was it?  It was do cold that after doing only half the job we packed it in for the day.  A huge sheet of plastic was put  in place covering the entire house to protect it from the elements; whereupon everyone went home about noon.

The following day it was a bright and sunny day with virtually no wind and temperatures up into the balmy 20’s.  That was simply a beautiful winter day.  We started first thing in the morning and basically worked through a leisurely day and had everything in the set finished by mid-afternoon.

Oh what difference a day makes.

The point of today’s blog is twofold:

  • First – building your home inside is “The Only Way to Go!”
  • Second – setting a home on its foundation can be successfully done in the dead of winter.

Let’s not kid ourselves, the sub-zero days are not fun.  Setting a modular is a brief project.  Building a complete home outside does not happen quickly.

Wouldn’t you rather have a modular?

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