Can you build in the winter?

It seems as though we get asked all the time, “….can you successfully build a home during the winter?”  And, the answer is always the same – of course you can!  Granted it takes greater thought and preparation but, it is possible to build during the winter and it gets done all the time.

About three weeks ago we have a beautiful Ranch Style home delivered here in Chittenden County Vermont.  Ok, so it was cold but, the guys set the house on its permanent foundation without a hitch.  By the way, the finish work on that home is progressing nicely; the heat is on and work is moving alone quickly – everyone is happy!

Later this week we are scheduled to deliver a Chalet Style home to Windham County Vermont, that’s down in southern Vermont, up in the mountains.  The US National Weather Service has forecast a Winter Storm Warning for all of Vermont.  That can potentially cause us a problem.  The State of Vermont does not allow oversized vehicles to travel on the highway when there is precipitation.  The last time I checked snow is most definitely precipitation so, it is possible our delivery will be postponed.

Take a look at today’s photograph.  Our house delivery this week is in the vicinity of this Ski Resort.  Who knows which resort this is?  Just to have some fun we will gladly mail out to you a Vermont Modular Homes pen to those that successfully name this ski resort.

Last Saturday I drove from our office in South Burlington to the job-site just to make sure everything is ready for “The Big Show” when the house is delivered and set.  It was a beautiful day for a road trip through some of Vermont’s more spectacularly beautiful spots.  Of course, a side trip to Manchester for lunch at a favorite little Bagel Shop. 

We will keep you posted so that you can watch the progress of this home.

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