Colonial Design in a modern home.

We will be adding new homes each week to our Portfolio.  The other day Blaine introduced The High Post-Colonial, a striking home that we delivered last year up in the mountains of northern Vermont.

The design of this home dates back to Colonial New England times.  The second floor is a variation of a Cape Cod and a Federal Style Colonial home.  The side walls of the second floor are only 5’ tall, shorter than a typical 8’ wall.  Hundreds of years ago this was done to save on lumber, make it easier to build, and less to heat through cold northern winters.

Today, in the 21st Century this home stands out as a prominent addition to any community.  Vermont Modular has delivered several of this Colonial Style homes in Lamoille County, one in Chittenden County, and yet another in Windsor County.  All three of these homes share a unique exterior style but are 100% Custom Built.  The interiors, exteriors, finishing touches, amenities, and accoutrements all reflect the owners’ individual wants and needs, right down to the tiniest detail.

One thing that Vermont Modular does not do is build “Cookie-Cutter” style homes.  Honestly, we don’t understand why anyone would build or purchase a home that has three or four variations but yet are exactly the same as the neighbors.  You know the scenario where one home has the kitchen on the left and the neighbor’s home has the same kitchen but on the right.  Let’s face it, that does not represent a home with unique style and panache.  Wouldn’t you rather your home has an elegant flair?

In the neighborhood where our home was delivered all of the other homes are well done and the Vermont Modular home fits in beautifully.

Did you know that Vermont Modular has a design center just for you?  We can work with you to design your new home.  And, we provide our design service Free of Charge.  Some of our prospective clients work out their design with us and then we provide a detailed floor plan and design.  Some of those folks then wander off to some of our competitors.  It isn’t long before we hear from them again.  “….did you know (so and so) charges a lot more than Vermont Modular?”  Well, actually we do know that.

Come see us and we will help you with your design.  Call us at (802) 985-5855

What style of home do you like the best?

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