Colonial Farmhouse

Today’s photograph is of our very popular Windham House, a very modern version of The Colonial Farmhouse look that was originally created in Scandinavia and Germany.  Early Americans basically copied the Farmhouse Style.

As we all know this style of home is extremely popular throughout New England and along with The Cape Cod Style might be considered the Quintessential Vermont home.

Our Windham House is a Custom-Built Home reflecting the owners’ individual wants and needs.  That approach to building a Farmhouse was typical of earlier American settlers.  Rather than carefully following a particular style of architecture they built a home for themselves and it reflected their individual wealth, family size, and individual taste.  That sounds like what we do here at Vermont Modular!

Every modular home from Vermont Modular is a 100% Custom Built home and The Windham House is typical of that concept.  The owners wanted to create a home that fit with its historical surrounds typifying New England’s history.

Within this home are our highly acclaimed Energy Efficient building techniques where we combine various modern building products to create a “One of a Kind” Energy Efficient home.

Would you like to start the conversation about your new home?  If you also live in Windham County, perhaps in beautiful Newfane Vermont or Rutland County’s Manchester Center we can build your new home.

Call us today at (802) 985-5855 and start the conversation.

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