Continuing with our New House of the week

The Champlain Ranch home is our new design for this week.  Yesterday you looked at the interior layout of this spacious three-bedroom Ranch Home.

Take a look at today’s photograph, actually we merged two pictures into one for the blog.

We want you to see a computer drawing of the exterior as this picture shows you exactly how the house will look.  Everything is exact and reflects how the house will look.

In the CAD drawing it is hard to see the Recessed Grand Entrance to the home but if you look carefully at the photograph of the Ranch from Vermont Modular it is easy to see how the front door is recessed into the home.  This gives the house some extra special lines.  This is a Ranch House with a lot of Character.

In the photograph, do you like the reverse dormer in the front?  It balances out the look of the house with the garage on one end and the reversed dormer on the other.

All the time we get asked, “….I want a ranch house, but I don’t’ want a plain box that lacks style and character.”

We happen to think this is a beautiful Ranch and inside it is spacious with its entire Central Core devoted to an Open Space Concept.

In the Design Phase the process goes like this:

  • First – a consultation where dreams begin to take shape
  • Second – preliminary drawings are done for you
  • And so on – this is where you tweak the drawings until it is exactly the way you want
  • Final Drawings – none of the drawings and plans are finalized until you give your approval.

This entire process is something Vermont Modular Homes does Free of Charge, it is our way of helping you build your dream home.

Are you interested in starting this conversation?

Call us at (802) 985-5855

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