Critically important for Seniors!

This past weekend was Commencement Exercises here at UVM, the local schools are getting ready to close for the summer, families are getting the kids ready for camp, and it seems as though everyone is planning their vacation. 

Most of our readers are busy with all sorts of family obligations so, for the next couple weeks or so we will be talking to our Senior Friends, actually they are my soul-mate.

As everyone else is busy with their lives, this just might be the perfect time for us to be planning our new home, a place where we can Age in Place.  We all know that the vast majority of senior citizens want to stay in their homes as we age.  So, let’s take a look at a short list of very important things for us:

  • Bathrooms are one of the most dangerous areas of any home but, with a little planning it can be greatly improved:
    • Slippery Flooring.  Oh sure, those shiny beautiful ceramic tiles look wonderful but with wet feet they can be very slippery.
    • Bathtubs, getting in and out of the tub for a shower can be problematic.  As we lift one leg to get in/out all our weight is on the other leg.  A couple years ago a collogue of mine’s husband slipped and fell in the bathroom.  Tragically he did not survive the fall.
    • Shower -  a stall shower can also be dangerous, but it is easy to plan ahead; building a “Curb-less Shower” eliminates that lip to get into the shower.  Those seemingly small lips are something to easily trip and fall over.
    • Shower Bench – installing a bench inside the shower unit is a great idea.  Check with our friend online, the guy that knows everything; do a search for Shower Bench, you will immediately discover a plethora of ideas, most with pictures.
    • Grab bars – bars that are properly placed and securely anchored to the wall can be so very important.
  • More tomorrow:

Today we only talked about the bathroom and its potential dangers.  We also showed you several solutions. 

Remember every new home is 100% Custom Built.  This is a great time to plan for you Aging in Place new home. 

Call us today and start the conversation.  (802) 985-5855

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