Despite winter there is progress!

Take a look at today’s photograph, you are looking at a brand-new basement floor that was poured yesterday morning, that really is new.  And this was accomplished in the middle of winter.

In this basement scenario there are several things to understand and consider:

  1. Radiant Heat – look at the far end of the basement and if you look carefully you can see the Red Pipes going down into the cement.  Those pipes will be connected to a condensing boiler for radiant heat.
  2. Under the floor 3” of rigid foam was put down to conserve the heat in the basement.  The radiant heating tubes are laid on the top of the foam inside the concrete where the warm water’s heat is radiated out into the concrete.
  3. On both the right and left walls there are built in buttresses to support the stress against the 56’ of concrete wall.  These buttresses were poured as one part of the wall and then incorporated within the floor.  Since everything is tied together is creates a very strong structure
  4. Look carefully and you will see what looks like white tubes protruding up out of the floor.  Those pipes are for a basement lavatory that will be installed.
  5. One of the white pipes protruding up through the floor is part of The Radon Gas Extraction system that has been installed.
  6. Great care and precautions have been taken to have the moisture from this basement floor vented to the outside.

When the family room down in the basement is finished this is going to be an exciting addition to this beautiful modular home here in Chittenden County Vermont.

We already have another home on order that will be going to Orleans County here in Vermont.  That is one of our most northern counties.  A portion of the county is the International Border with Canada.

Would you like a finished Family Room in your basement?

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