Did you see yesterday's picture?

Yesterday we showed you two modules that were being delivered in southern Vermont.  That delivery clearly shows you how it is so much easier to build and deliver a home that comes from an environmentally controlled plant as compared to being built outside withstanding all of mother nature’s harsh weather.

Have you looked at the weather forecast for the weekend?  They are calling for some snow, some freezing rain, conventional rain, and sunshine.  All that in one weekend.  If you don’t like the weather just wait a minute or two it will change!

Now, take a look at today’s photograph.  This is a beautiful Chalet Style modular home we delivered eight years ago here in Northern Vermont.  It is the same style as the home delivered yesterday in Southern Vermont.

This RED chalet has been one of our most popular homes.  We feature it on our website, and it receives a lot of inquiries.  I wonder why??!!  In addition, several people have called us because they saw the house on one of their travels and asked us, “…is there any way you could build us a Chalet like the red one in __name of town__?”  And, we answer, “….well, that happens to be one of our homes!”  So, yes, we can build that for you.  And, just yesterday it was delivered to another home-site about 200 miles to the south. 

When you are building quality homes the good news about Vermont Modular travels far and wide.  Here’s an interesting fact; the Chalet in Northern Vermont was built for a family from San Francisco, California where as the one in southern Vermont is for a family from Connecticut.  By the way, that’s about three-thousand miles apart.  Isn’t this a great country we all live in!

Can we build your new home?

Call us for additional information at 985-5855.  Of course, that is in Area Code 802

And one last thought for today – NEWS FLASH.  Watch for our announcement how you can win a brand-new Keurig K-Cup machine.  We will be giving one away every week for the next couple months.  Stay tuned.

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