Do you like this home's progress?

Earlier this afternoon I visited one of our brand-new homes to see the progress that is being accomplished, this is right here in Chittenden County.

Within the past month the following thins have been done:

  • Basement family room is being built.  The other day we showed you a picture of the basement with his huge space.  That space is currently being worked on: walls are being built, a bathroom is being installed, and it is working towards being a finished family room
  • Interior painting is virtually all done with a beautiful array of colors that creates a vibrant living space.  All the color choices are from the same “family of colors” so everything flows nicely
  • Nice size entry steps and landing has been installed at the “side door” and the Sliding Glass door leading to the back yard.
  • And…………., take a look at today photograph with the big front porch that has a series of unique features.
    • Raised roof creating a whole new look to this ranch home.
    • The raised roof creates a covered entry to the front door
    • Across the front is an expansive 22’ front porch, rumor has it the grill will be out on this front porch.
    • Look at the front door, a fully operable French Door creating a grand opening to the living room.
    • It is hard to see in this picture, but the ceiling of the covered area is all Knotty Pine boards creating a beautiful space on this big porch.

If you were building a new home would you want a porch similar to this?  By the way, the view from this porch stretches across farm fields, the Adirondack Mountains, and the sunset every day.

Look in the background and you will see a lot of trees which surround the home, it is beautifully nestled in The Woods.

What do you think?

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