Do you play Golf?

How can a discussion about windows be almost like playing golf?  On the surface that sounds nonsensical. 

In sports the point is to score as often as possible and for sure score more than the other team.  So, at the end of the game there is a clear-cut winner and that would be the one with the highest score!  Right?  For example, in baseball the score is counted by the number of runs and the two teams keep playing past the 9th inning until there is a winner, or until one team has a higher score than the other. 

But, in golf the score is counted in the number of swings it takes to get the ball into the hole, this is known as Stroke Play.

So does high score or low score win?  Baseball – high.  Golf – low.  Windows – low.

The measurement for calculating a window’s quality is called a U-Value and it measures the amount of heat that is lost.  So, since we want to keep the warmth with us and not wander off away from the family, we should have a little heat escape as possible!

Or, the heat loss is virtually the same as playing golf, you want as low a score as  possible or you would probably want a High Performing window with a very LOW U-Value as shown in today’s photograph.

The Vermont Energy Code requires a window that has a U-Value of 0.30 or better.  Every window from us has a U-Value of U-0.23.  That is an increase of about 33%.

What if your golf score improved by 33%?  Would you be happy?  How about if your baseball team scored 33% more runs?  I’m thinking you’d be pleased!

If your new home is in Dummerston you’d want a LOW U-Value and probably if you live in Fayston you would also want that LOW U-Value.

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