Does FREE work for you?

In the very near future all the kids will be going back to school, their lives are moving along so quickly!  It seems like yesterday when their clothes were constantly covered with mud, grass stains, and a myriad of other assorted stuff!  Now it is off to school in squeaky-clean clothes, right out of the washing machine.

Have you priced the staggering cost of a washing machine recently?  Talk about “Sticker Shock” and its impact on the family budget.

And all that brings us back to the squeaky-clean offer from Vermont Modular.  Did you know that we are providing to every new home a full appliance package absolutely FREE?

YES, you read that correctly.  With every new home order this fall we are going to include with your new home at no additional cost the following:

  1. Washing machine
  2. Clothes dryer
  3. Kitchen stove, either gas or electric you chose.
  4. Dishwasher
  5. And of course, a huge refrigerator.  I’m thinking one with ice and water in the door.

All this is our 2019 Push to bring your new home into the Affordable Range.  We would love to order several new homes this fall and include a full appliance package for FREE.

Take a look at today’s picture.  Hopefully everyone knows that is shown as a way to make you smile.  That washing machine looks like something Grandma might have had eons ago.  And further, we are not going to give you a rope so you can hang your clothes out to dry. 

All of these major appliances will be excellent quality name brands that both of us will pick out together.  So, do you know of another Modular Home company with this spectacular a deal?  Wouldn’t you rather work with Vermont Modular and know you are working with the best!

You really are going to love your new home!  You will love it because it is exactly what you ordered.  And, all of us here at Vermont Modular are really trying to make your new home affordable.

So, call us and start the conversation.  (802) 985-5855

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