Does a Heat Pump Make Heat?

We very recently had a huge heat wave with temperatures in the high 90’s of degrees and equally high humidity.  If you are unhappy it is only a short four or so months and we will be in winter with the snow.  Oh joy!

Yesterday we talked about Air Conditioning and how there are several major types of AC.  Today let’s look again at a Heat Pump because our heat pump was providing Air Conditioning just a couple days ago and in a few short months the very same unit will be heating out homes.

There are so many advantages to a Heat Pump:

  • Cost effective for the first installation.  A good size Heat Pump can be installed for about $6,000 whereas a Hot Water Boiler system will run you more than $12,000 to install Hot Water Baseboard heat.
  • Cost effective to operate.  Electric Heat Pumps are one of the Least Expensive sources for residential heating.
  • Fossil Fuels are used a lot less.  Yes, something has to make the electricity to run the heat pump, but that electricity is far more Environmentally Friendly that burning Fossil Fuels.
  • Easy to operate!  Heat Pumps are virtually silent and controlled with their own Remote that looks very similar to you TV Remote.
  • Provides HEAT and Air Conditioning.  Your one unit will provide BOTH heat and AC all in one compact unit.

Cold Climate Heat Pumps are everywhere, they have become the ubiquitous source of heat and AC.

Today’s photograph shows you one-half of the heat pump.  This unit, called The Compressor, stays outside and it is The Compressor that starts the process of moving heat.  The compressor is a series of pumps that compress various gasses to extract heat from the AIR and then it is moved indoors during the winter to heat the home.  In the summer it moves the heat from inside to the outside, cooling the home.  The compressor do not make heat, it simply moves it from one place to another.

The source of the heat is what is stored in The Air.  We have been installing a lot of Heat Pumps in our homes.  Call us to start the conversation about heating and Air Conditioning your new home from Vermont Modular Homes.

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