Eco-Friendly Concrete

How would you help our environment?  The conventional wisdom and something that we constantly talk about is to build Energy Efficient Homes.  Vermont Modular is very proud to combine various building products in our unique fashion that creates a very Energy Efficient home. 

Would it surprise you to hear that building such a quality home is only half of the equation?  The other half of construction is the amount energy and green house gasses created in the manufacturing of building products.

The concrete that has become all but ubiquitous throughout Urban  and Suburban construction is an enormous source of CO2.  Around the world the use of concrete generates almost half of industrial emissions of CO2.

An entire new formulation of concrete allows CO2 to be injected into the mix as it is being manufactured.  That CO2 is then permanently trapped inside the concrete thus reducing the amounts of CO2.  The amazing part of that is the altered concrete is then far stronger resulting in less concrete being used.

This innovation in the manufacturing of concrete can make a huge impact on Green House Gasses and our environment.

Global warming is happening, and it is going to take innovation and hard work to move us in a better direction.

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