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For all of our regular blog followers you well know that we talk a lot about Energy Efficiency and specifically how to conserve energy, burn less fossil fuels, cut back on Heat Loss, and all those things that contribute to Global Warming and the detriment of our environment.  We happen to think that here in Vermont the environment is taken very seriously. 

Vermont Modular is proud to go out of our way to design and build homes that are highly Energy Efficient.  Over the years we constantly improve on our design so that we can safely say we build One of Vermont’s Most Energy Efficient homes!  We are very proud of that.

As you well know the country is moving away from Fossil Fuels and more and more towards renewable energy.  Vermont is fortunate in that we have such a huge percentage of our energy is from Hydro Quebec and is Hydro Electric, energy created from water powered generators.

Take a look at today’s photograph, it shows wind turbines, these happen to be in up in The Northeast Kingdom.  Yes, we are aware that wind turbines are a controversial subject to many in Vermont who try to protect the iconic views that are such an important part of Vermont. 

A couple years ago we delivered a big Two-Story Colonial in Franklin County New York, that is way up north, not far from the Canadian Border.  The trip back and forth from Vermont to that Job Site took us through some huge wind farms where huge amounts of clean renewable energy are being generated in New York State.  The entire area seemed prosperous, home values had not plummeted nor did any of the windmills cause cancer.

We have talked a lot about Cold Climate Heat Pumps that are powered completely by Electricity.  Wind power can cleanly generate mega-watts of power.

Lately we have been emphasizing the ubiquitous use of Solar Panels along with Solar Hot Water panels.  All these forms of energy generation are clean, the do not harm the environment, or make us sick.

What do you think of Renewable Energy?

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