Is everyone staying warm?

To all of our loyal and good friends that follow our blog we apologize for not posting for the past couple weeks.  It is good to say hi to everyone again and get back to the daily task of posting a blog.

We hope everyone has managed to stay warm and enjoy the recent cold snaps along with the snow storms with your families.  Winter can be a wonderful time to enjoy sitting by the fire, eating great macaroni and cheese, smelling beef stew cooking in the kitchen, and a myriad of other wonderful family events.  Take a good look at today’s photograph, isn’t it wonderful to relax and be by the fire with a good book?  A friend of our recently spent the entire weekend with family at a mountain resort and their indoor Water Park, how cool is that to do in the winter? 

While all of you have been out there enjoying winter, family, and the comfort winter can offer we here at Vermont Modular have been moving our offices from Shelburne where we’ve been for the past seventeen years; we’ve moved exactly 6.1 miles or 14 minutes away to our new location at 4049 Williston Road, South Burlington, Vermont.

It would seem like an easy task to move such a short distance but after seventeen years we accumulated a mountain of stuff that either needed to be moved or repurposed.  By the way, “repurposed” is a polite euphemism of “throwing that junk away!”

For all of you that have recently moved we have great sympathy for you and completely understand all of the angst that goes with moving. 

Actually, our moving experience just might have given us an opportunity to sympathize with our prospective homeowners and their moving experiences. 

As you sit by the fire this is a perfect time for you to consider the planning stages of your new home for 2019.  We are excited about all the new options that are available to you at our new digs here in South Burlington.  We have made extensive upgrades to everything we do and we would be thrilled to have you come and visit us and see how Vermont Modular and help you build your dream home.

Vermont Modular may have moved to a new location but it is the same company with the same dedicated staff that wants to help you build Your Vermont Dream.

What would you  like us to offer from our new headquarters?

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