The Fall Home Show

In slightly less than two weeks the Fall Home Show will be going on Saturday October 19.  If you are looking for a truly fun and enlightening Saturday adventure, this is just the ticket for you!

How about a 2½ hour drive to New York State?  It will be right in the midst of Foliage Season, it really is a beautiful drive through historic areas of New York, you will thoroughly enjoy the ride.

Today’s photograph shows “the Line” where modules are being built.  The “pit” is where electrical work is done on the underside of the modules.  It really is fascinating.

This is the perfect time and place to see how your new home is going to be built. This is the time and place to “Kick The Tires.”  And, you get to see all the various options that are available, tour several Model Homes, and ask a ton of questions. 

Then there is the lucky winner of the $8,000 raffle.  And should a Vermont Modular Customer win the raffle we will match it with a second $8,000.  Yup, it is very possible to win a total of $16,000 off your new Modular Homes.

If you would like to attend give us a call.  We will make all the reservations and see to it that you’re enrolled in the raffle.

Will we see you there?

Call us at (802) 985-5855

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