Finishing a basement

A week or so ago we showed you pictures of a brand-new basement where the floor had just been poured and we went on to say how everything was going to be finished off.  Take a look at today’s picture and you will see how far things have progressed.  The following has been accomplished:

  • All of the plumbing pipes, vents, and so on have been fully installed and completed.
  • The Radiant Heat is installed in the floor
  • All of the duct-work for the HRV, the whole house ventilation system has been fully installed and is working
  • All of the various electrical work has been completed in the basement
  • All of the framing of interior walls is finished
  • The sheetrock has been delivered and will be installed tomorrow
  • And…………., as you can see in today’s photograph spray foam has been blown against the concrete walls of the foundation making the “future family room” a wonderful place for the kids to play

Honestly, we were impressed with the progress on the job, it really is moving along nicely!

In today’s picture you can see:

  • The framing that will hold the sheetrock
  • Wiring for code compliant electrical work
  • And of course, the spray foam to insulate the basement

And YES we will keep you posted on the progress.  Like I said, tomorrow the sheetrock will be installed creating a family room, recording studio, utility room, half bath, and storage.  It really is a big basement that provides more than 1,500 additional square feet of living space to this home.

Very nice!

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