Garages come in all sizes

It’s only a week or so until July 4th and we are posting a picture of snow.  What is that all about?

Did I hear someone ask if Vermont Modular has lost their mind?  Well……., perhaps but not the reason you are thinking. 

Here are a couple thoughts for you:

  • How about you park your car out in the snow this coming winter?  That’s a great idea!  Isn’t it?
    • Oh, come on!  Brushing the snow off the car is tons of fun!  Right?
    • Or, trudging through the snow to get to the car so you can brush off the snow is even more fun.  Right again?
    • Oh wait ~ hold on……….., open the door first to get the brush and keep your fingers crossed that none of the snow ends up on your seat, cuz that just might not be fun!  Right one more time?
    • Summer with cookouts and swimming is so much easier
  • News Flash !!  Sit up and pay attention this is a big deal.

  • Effective immediately Vermont Modular is making this awesome deal: 
    • We are going to offer four garages at exactly 50% off their official price.
    • Typically, every garage with a new home costs $14,504
      • 24’ x 24’ a full two car garage
      • 2x6” construction
      • 2 windows for light and ventilation
      • 1 “man/woman” door
      • 2 Garage Car Doors.  (do you believe it, the big car doors are included)
  • Terms & Conditions:
    • Must be part of a brand-new home order
    • Needs to be ordered within the next 30 days
    • Vermont Modular is offering only four but we’ve been known to extend special offers.
    • YES, you can transfer this offer to family, friends, neighbors, and so on.  We like everyone!

I have got to confess!  The car in today’s photograph is mine and the picture was taken this past winter.  Honestly, I cannot stand going out and brushing off the snow!  I need a garage!  Ugh!

So, would you like us to build your new garage?

Give us a call at (802) 985-5855

And of course, we can build the garage in assorted sizes.

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