Good ideas for those wanting to Age-in-Place

Yesterday we started a series that is for everyone but talks about things of concern to our Senior readers.  We mentioned several things of danger in the bathroom; all of which are significant hazards but also fairly easy to fix with proper planning.

Here are a couple other items to think about in your new “Forever Home.” 

  • Door knobs / handles.  Every door in the house should be opened or closed using a Lever Action.  This simple fix will benefit everyone.  Imagine coming home from the grocery store and both hands are busy carrying vitals; an elbow can easily open a Lever but not a round door-knob.  The Lever is simple, it either goes up or down whereas a know needs a hand to turn it.
  • Elevators are easy to plan for.  If you have a two-story home or a home where the garage is in the basement it might be a great idea to plan for an elevator even if you don’t have it installed.  Did you know that a closet that is 6’ x 6’ can easily be converted into an elevator?  But if you don’t have that space available it could be very expensive to install an elevator later.  There are some very easy and extremely cheap preparatory steps that make installing the elevator in later years very easy.
  • Stair Lifts are a very viable option instead of an elevator and for a fraction of the cost for an elevator.  Like everything it needs proper planning.  Think how much easier a Stair Lift would be if the staircase was a mere six or eight inches wider.

The huge advantage of both elevators and/or Stair Lifts is they reduce the chance of falling.  A staircase is often a place where people fall down. 

Here are some sobering facts about falling:

  1. 3,000,000 Seniors are treated annually in Emergency Rooms. 
  2. 800,000 Seniors are hospitalized each year because of a fall.
  3. Traumatic brain injuries are almost always caused by falling
  4. In The US the annual cost is roughly $50-billion

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