Have you considered Radiant Heat?

For all of you that regularly follow our blog you know that our favorite topic is Energy Efficiency.  As a Responsible Vermont company, it is one of our core values.  We believe it is the responsible thing to build homes that a highly Energy Efficient.

Take a look at today’s photograph, you are looking at PEX tubing in Red that has been buried in the cement floor of a basement.  In the picture you can see the tubing going down into the concrete.  From that point if has been carefully laid out in loops and then returns back to this same point.

So, what you are looking at is the two ends of a series of loops; in this picture there are eight loops all of which are buried inside the concrete floor.

The way it works is fairly simple:

  • Warm water, not hot, is pumped through the loops and then back to the boiler
  • While traveling around in the loop much of the heat is lost as it is transferred to the cement.
  • As the heat is lost to the cement –
    • The cement gets warmer
    • The water loses much of its heat
  • As the water’s heat is radiated out into the cement the floor becomes a comfortable warming surface.
  • The less-warm water returns to the boiler where it is them reheated

The one major advantage of Radiant heat is the overall comfort it provides in the room.

Radiant heat using tubing is not limited to the basement.  The same tubes can be run around under the floor up in the house.  That way the floor in the living room is roasty toasty warm and extremely comfortable.  Floors that are warmed with radiant heat are comfortable places to lay down and watch TV.

There are rumors and thoughts that Radiant Heat is a less expensive way to heat your home.  We have found that is simply not true.  Economy is not a good reason to install Radiant Heat but, Comfort is most certainly the best reason.

So, what are your thoughts about Radiant Heat?

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