Heat Pump

We have talked all week about our ADU, the small accessory home for mom or dad or even better both mom and dad.  The ADU we’ve been talking about is a whopping 780 Square Feet of living space, enough for two bedrooms, a full bathroom, kitchen, and living room.  It really is an adorable home.

We are thinking that mom and dad would like to have their new Accessory Dwelling be affordable and Energy Efficient.  This new home has:

  • Vermont Modular’s Super Insulated package for great Efficiency
  • Triple Pane windows throughout
  • Above grade quality fixtures and cabinetry
  • Hardwood floors
  • It’s a great house!

And for HEAT we highly recommend a Cold Climate Heat Pump that is the Least Expensive way to heat your new home and as an extra bonus it provides Central Air Conditioning in the summer.

Go online and do research about Heat Pumps, the have become all the rage in the past couple years.

What do you think of Heat Pumps?

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