The Heat Recovery Ventilaltor

For all of our loyal blog readers you know that Vermont Modular is constantly talking about Energy Efficiency.  We’ve had discussions about:

  • Heat Loss
  • Cold Air Penetration
  • Insulation
  • R-Values and U-Values
  • All kinds of things related to your energy consumption

The trick is to build a home that is super insulated and does not allow Heat to be Lost.  Oh wait……….., if none of the warm air is lost then new fresh air does not enter the home either.  Actually, as time goes on the air within your super-insulated home can become a breeding ground for mold and mildew; neither of which you want, both of which are not healthy especially for children.

The problem of stale air can be significant is not addressed.

SOLUTION:  Install in your home a Heat Recovery Ventilation system or an HRV.  Here’s the way it works:

  • Bathrooms, kitchen, & laundry have an exhaust vent
  • Bedrooms, living rooms, & other living areas have a fresh air return
  • The HRV which is located in the basement exhausts stale-humid-smelly air and exhausts it outside
  • The HRV brings fresh air from outside and puts it in the bedrooms and living areas.
  • The HRV recovers upwards of 90% of the Heat from the air being exhausted and warms the incoming air going into the house.

This balanced system provides you with a constant supply of fresh air while constantly removing odorous air laden with excess humidity.

The real trick is that it recovers more than 90% of the heat being exhausted.

Every home from Vermont Modular has this built in and most homeowners almost always mention the HRV as one of the nicest features of their new home.

So whether you live in Ferrisburgh or Franklin Vermont your new home will have that fresh air spring smell all year long.

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