Here's an Energy Efficient Home

For all of you that follow our blog regularly you already know that one of our favorite topics is Energy Efficiency.  And, today is going to fit right into a well-established pattern surrounding well-built homes that are Environmentally Friendly because they are Energy Efficient.

Take a look at today’s photograph that shows one of our homes during construction in the plant.  Something you should notice almost immediately is that the color of the house is very unconventional, it not down right weird. 

A well-built home in Vermont almost always is covered on the outside with “Tyvek” which is a brand name for a terrific product that protects the house from moisture and wind.  I am sure you’ve seen it many times!  Its real name is “House Wrap” and it’s almost always white in color.  We don’t do that!  We do something better!

A home built by Vermont Modular is always Grey in Color with Red Stripes.  Let me explain:

  1. The Grey is 1½” of Continuous Foam Insulation that is on the OUTSIDE of the house.
  2. The Red Stripes is an adhesive tape that completely seals the joints where the foam panels meet.

See, isn’t a Vermont Modular home pretty!  Grey with Red Stripes is very distinctive.  But, why do we do that?

  1. The Grey continuous FOAM on the outside acts as a Thermal Barrier.  All of the interior lumber, the actual framing of the house, acts as a great source of Heat Loss because lumber transfers heat well.  The lumber is a Thermal Bridge and our FOAM is an awesome Thermal Barrier. 
  2. The RED Stripes are the sealant between the panels of foam, these Red Stripes completely stop all air and water penetration between the sheets of foam.

Using this technique in construction give our Exterior Wall an R-Value of R-30½ which is far superior to the vast majority of “Well Built Homes.”  We do it better!

By the way – the foam eliminates the need for the “House Wrap.”

Do you still want “House Wrap” on your new home?

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