Here’s more about The Maple Farm Cape

The other day we introduced you to The Maple Farm Cape Cod style home and it was widely and enthusiastically received by many of our loyal blog readers.  We really do appreciate all of our readers, it’s great knowing you are there!  Thanks.

Let’s take a look at our Maple Farm Cape from its very early days in the plant where it was built.

In today’s photograph you are inside the plant looking at:

  • See the gentleman on the left side of the picture?  He, all by himself, is hoisting the pre-assembled wall panels into place.  That particular wall panel is 56’ long and has all of its sheetrock in place.  I am comfortable estimating a weight of 500 pounds.  Did I mention only ONE MAN is doing that by himself?
  • That wall assembly is being moved around and carried by electric cranes mounted in the ceiling making it very possible for one worker to accomplish the same amount of work in a fraction of the time.
  • Do you see the beginnings of financial savings?

Do you know that for more than 100 years the procedures for residential building has not significantly changed until the advent of Modular Homes that are built in a factory?  Now modern assembly practices can be applied to the construction of residential private homes and this will result is lowering costs because of greatly increased productivity.

In our next picture if you look carefully you see three modules in production.  In the background the roof of a “soon home to be” is in place where it will have its shingles installed.

There are so many obvious advantages:

  • Controlled environment – today as I write the blog, we are looking at severe thunderstorms, lightening, and torrential rain.  That will go on outside but never in the plant.  Work does not stop because of the weather.
  • Delivery of materials can move along on schedule without waiting for a break in the weather.  Also, materials are stockpiled preventing a stoppage as we wait for The Lumber Yard to deliver.  That happens all the time on a stick-built project.
  • Speed is important.  Do you know that a modular home is built in a small-fraction-of-the-time because delays are virtually eliminated.
  • Modular Homes are built to the identical building codes but without the down time that makes a conventional Stick-Built job so very NOT-PRODUCTIVE.

Wouldn’t you rather have a modular home?

Call us today at (802) 985-5855 and start the conversation about your new home.

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