Hi Baby Boomers

Good afternoon Boomers!  Just in case you didn’t know……….., you are a Boomer if you are 54 years young all the way up to seventy-three, also years young.  But, those of you that are boomers already knew that.

Boomers are the babies that came into the world in the years after World War II.  Did you know that Baby Boomers are slightly more than seventy-six MILLION people.  WOW, that is a lot of people.

One of the most popular things for Boomers are ADU’s and of course everyone knows exactly what an ADU is.  Right?  Of course, but just in case there’s one or two who don’t……., an ADU is an Accessory Dwelling Unit.

An ADU is an option that about half of the Baby Boomers are looking for.  An accessory Dwelling Unit have all kinds of names ranging from “Mother In-Law Apartments, Granny Flats, and so on.  Typically, they are small, roughly 800 square feet of living space and a lot of the time close to other family members who can provide help should it be needed but still allowing Mom and Dad their independence.

For a couple days now, we will be talking about ADU’s and how Vermont Modular Homes often builds these smaller homes.  Yes, Vermont has a series of rules and guidelines that allow construction of an ADU where several generations of a family as Mom and Dad downsize their home.

As winter sets in it’s a good time to be planning and we can help.  Whether you are up north in Lamoille County or down south in Windham County Vermont we would love to talk with you about your ADU.

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