Hot Dog Season

There is an air of sadness today and I’ll bet many of you don’t even know why.

Did you know that yesterday, Labor Day, was the official end of The Hot Dog season?  Well, at least that’s what the National Hot Dog association says.

It seems as though with Labor Day being the unofficial end of summer it also denotes the end of The Hot Dog Season.  I don’t know what all of you did yesterday, but I know we had a cookout and of course had hot dogs, what else?  Right?

Yesterday was a tad rainy but in between the drops the grill served up hot dogs in our house, did you enjoy your grill over the Holiday Weekend?

Every new home, especially those from Vermont Modular Homes, has a deck.  I am thinking that the deck is almost a critically essential thing that every home must have.  After all, where are you going to put your grill if it is not on the deck.

Go ahead, dream about your new home, your new deck, grilled hot dogs, and of course a cold “Adult Traveling Beverage.”

As you know we are featuring a FREE APPLIANCE PACKAGE with every new home ordered on or before November 15.  And if you mention Hot Dog Day we will include one brand new FREE gas grill so that starting right now you will vividly remember significant holidays like “National Hot Dog Day.”

It really is a great time to plan  out your new home.  Today here in the office we did two custom drawings for clients, we do that for FREE.  Wouldn’t you like to see your new home take shape?

Call us today and start the conversation  (802) 985-5855

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