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There’s still more to talk about our FREE appliance package.  Today let’s take a look at the kitchen stove.  Do you know the different types of kitchen ranges there are?

  1. First – GAS burners.  A gas stove is probably the easiest to understand; there’s a flame under the pan which in turn heats the pan and food inside.  Gas stoves are quite inefficient.  The flame heats the air around the pan and slightly more than half of the heat is lost.
  2. Second – Electric resistance coils.  We have all seen these, the coil which can look like a spring in order stoves or a thick coil in newer models.  Electricity is forced through these “wires” whereupon by resistance it heats up which in turn heats the pan similar to the gas stove.  Much of the heat is simply lost into the air.
  3. Third – induction heating is probably the most efficient and without a doubt most popular in Europe but not so much here in the United States. Induction cooking uses several magnets with oscillating currents that directly heat the pan and not the surrounding air.  Induction cooking is “Instant On” and “Instant Off” just like gas but without the flame.
  4. Convection – inside an oven if there is a fan that circulates the heat all around the food it cooks must faster and far more evenly.

Do you have a favorite? 

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Do you like the stove in today’s photograph?  Actually, those old vintage stoves are very popular and quite expensive.  We are not including antique fixtures in our offer. 

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