How about a home to retire in?

Today we would like to introduce you to a very special home that with the tiniest of changes can easily be two distinctively different homes.

First – today’s home is a 28’ x 40’ Ranch house with two nice size bedrooms and two full bathrooms.  Then comes the kitchen with ample space to add an island that would be just right for entertaining. And then comes the spacious living room that is over twenty feet wide, this is perfect for family entertaining, it can easily handle everyone for Thanksgiving dinner.

Second – the stairs leading to the basement can quickly have a second staircase added that would lead to the second floor, this is easy by simply changing the pitch of the roof and making this home into an Unfinished Cape Cod style home.  Do you know that an Unfinished Cape is the most popular home for First Home Buyers?

A Cape Cod style home is the single best financial buy as a First Home.  It creates a handsome size home for the least amount of Up-Front Money

As a Ranch house there is 1,107 Square Feet of Living Space

As a Cape Cod style home there is roughly 2,000 Square Feet of living space.

Do you see why this is such a fantastic layout for a home to Retire in while at the same time it is outstanding as a First Home Buyer.

What do you think?  Which scenario fits you and your plans the best?

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Oh Yeah!  How about that Garage?  Vermont Modular is putting together an amazing financial package for this two-car garage.  Interested?

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