How about a new house!

Every time we introduce a new home design it generates a lot of activity.  So, how about we take a look at a new design from Vermont Modular Homes!

Take a look at today’s photograph and allow me to introduce you to The Barrington House Ranch.  In this classic American Ranch home, there are two bedrooms for The Kids and their own bathroom.  Then on the other end of the house is the Master Suite with a full Private Bath and walk-in-closet for Mom and Dad.

In this awesome Ranch Home, everything is all the living is on one level.  This is truly a terrific home for a growing family that has an eye on affordability.

Did you know that with the purchase of The Barrington House Ranch we are offering a FREE appliance package?  Yup, you will receive a Refrigerator, kitchen stove, dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer and all five of those appliances are FREE.  All you need to do is order your new home on or before November 15.

You are looking at 1,265 square feet of living space; that’s plenty for a young family.  It is also a terrific home for Mom and Dad to retire in after The Kids are grown and gone.  The grandkids can come and visit with their own bedrooms and private bath.

This really is a fabulous home.  Give us a call at (802) 985-5855 to start the conversation.  Wouldn’t you like to have the FREE appliances?

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