How heavy is a modular home?

Every time Vermont Modular sets a new modular home we hire only the very best crews and equipment.

In today’s photograph you are looking at the boom of a Hydraulic Crane that is capable of hoisting a modular home up off the truck and gently placing it on its permanent foundation.

Recently we delivered a home in Lamoille County, we showed you pictures of the home while it sat on Vermont Route 15, did you see us?

The crane arrives early in the morning, sets up, and then using cables it will hoist the module up and gently place it on the foundation.  The Lamoille County home weighed a total of 66,000 pounds or 33,000 pounds in each module.  Just in case you don’t realize, that is a very heavy home!  Inside the crane are scales that calculate the weight of what is being lifted.

One of the ways you can measure the quality of a home is by its weight.  If a home is extremely heavy, it probably is a quality home.  The more building materials in the home the heavier it weights.  Virtually everything in our homes is thicker, stronger, better, and therefore heavier.  It takes a quality crane to do the work.  We try to always use The Catamount Crane Company.

Are you thinking of a modular home?  How would the crane look in your yard?

Give us a call at (802) 985-5855 and start the conversation about your new home.

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