How's winter?

Take a look at today’s photograph!  Today’s picture was taken in January 2019 of a poured reinforced concrete foundation here in Chittenden County. 

Vermont Modular delivered the nice big house for this foundation in February, in the depths of winter.  Sure, it was cold, it is supposed to be cold in February!  Just like we put more clothes on, another layer to stay warm, we do the same thing with concrete. 

Did you know that concrete generates heat as it cures?  YES, as concrete is curing or setting up it creates heat from the chemical interaction of the concrete as it cures.

So, if concrete generates its own heat then covering the cement with “Concrete Insulating Blankets” will trap that heat and everything will work out nicely!  That does sound so simple and actually it is that easy.

So, if you would like your home-built ASAP, we can do that for you.  Weather you live in Westford or Weston the whether will not impact the building of your new home.  By the way, that was a lot of “W’s” all jammed into one sentence, yup, I did it on purpose.

Should we continue this conversation?  I think it’s a great idea.  Call us at (802) 985-5855

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