Isn't it beautiful out there today!

The weather report for today is somewhere between beautiful and spectacular, especially if you want to build a site-built home.  The sun is shining, it is not cold, but it is also not hot like in the summer, this is perfect construction weather.  The crew can work without getting cold or sweating.  Today is perfect.

So, given that perfect weather report I thought it would be a good time to show you why it is still better to build inside in a controlled environment.

The weather report for the next five days calls for some kind of precipitation where your new house is apt to get wet or covered in snow.  Today may be great but there is always tomorrow and the forecast of rain and more rain.

Oh wait………….., it won’t rain in the plant where houses are being built indoors.  As perfect as today is outside, it is that good every day inside.

Don’t forget that we are in the middle of MUD season and that always brings construction to a slow crawl if not a stop.  The plant doesn’t have mud and that’s a great thing.

Remember the mud?  Deliveries of material get postponed when trucks get stuck in the mud; that doesn’t happen in the plant.  House construction in the plant only starts when all of the materials are already there and then construction continues without any interruptions.  That effective use of time is why modular homes cost less.  The entire construction process is far more productive with idle time eliminated.

Take a look at today’s photograph.  You are looking at a 56’ Ranch House that was build in the factory during December and delivered in-between snow storms in January here in Chittenden County Vermont.  It took six weeks from the time the home was ordered until it was delivered.  To have built the same house onsite in the middle of the winter would have been several months longer and therefore far more costly.

Wouldn’t you rather have a well-built modular home that is highly Energy Efficient?

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