It all starts somewhere

It may not look like a house just yet, but every project has got to start somewhere.  And with a modular home it all starts with the building of The Deck.

In today’s photograph you are looking at many sheets of ¾” tongue and grove Plywood that is the floor of the house.  You can’t really see it but underneath the plywood are 2x10” Floor Joists that provide the strength for the floor.

Have you ever been in a home whereas you walk across a room things seem to jiggle and shake?  There is a good reason that happens, the jiggling of the floor tells you that the lumber and the plywood are too small in size and under your weight they jiggle.  Or more crudely put it is a home built on “The Cheap.”

Then of course there’s the house that as you walk across the floor something squeaks.  What is that?  That squeaking noise is where the plywood and the floor joist rub against each other and generate that squeaking noise.  Or more crudely put it is a home built on “The Cheap.”  In our modular homes all of the plywood decking is first glued to the floor joists and then nailed in place.  Since the two surfaces are glued together they cannot squeak. 

The jiggling and squeaking are something you will not see or hear in a home from Vermont Modular; we build only quality homes!  Honestly, all of our homes are “Over Built” where everything is STRONG and put together by expert craftsmen and crafts-ladies. 

Throughout December families will sit around the dinner table and dream of their new home.  Then in January those many conversations will come to fruition as the pace of meeting with folks quickens. 

The winter is a PERFECT TIME to dream and plan for your new home and that is whether you live northeast of The Capital in East Montpelier or in The Northeast Kingdom of East Haven, Vermont.

Give us a call here in The Champlain Valley and South Burlington so we can plan your new home together.  (802) 985-5855

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