Is it time to make the donuts?

Who remembers that phrase as part of an advertising thing?  It may not be the right time for donut making but is the right time to deliver our next home from Vermont Modular Homes.

For the next couple days we will be following the progress of delivering and setting a Modular Home.  Today, August 2 the factory is doing its final preparation for shipment on this coming Monday. 

Today are the final inspections where the Quality Inspectors do one more look to make sure everything is just right. 

The modules, or as we affectionately call them Boxes, are set on the trucks and that will carry the boxes from the plant to the home site.  Today’s home has a long ride all the way up north in Orleans County to a part of Vermont where the border with Canada is defined by a series of flowerpots across the road, all filled with Petunias.  Yup, right here in Vermont we have our version of a border wall.  In one photograph I counted nine flowerpots and that is the full extent of our wall.  Oh well…………………..

Here’s an interesting aside………., the northern border of the United States is the 45th Parallel and that is halfway between the equator and the North Pole.  Our modular home will be within Eyesite of the 45th parallel.  Vermont Modular Homes delivers homes to unique corners of The North Country and next week’s home is quite special to us.  A couple months ago, in the depths of winter, we delivered another home almost exactly 200 miles to the south in Windham County.  Which town is going to be lucky enough to have your new home?  Vermont has 237 towns, nine cities, five unincorporated towns, and only four gores. 

First thing this coming Monday the trucks will leave the plant heading north, actually as far north as you can go in Vermont to deliver a two box ranch home.

On next Tuesday morning the crane and the set crew will arrive to gently place the two modules on the permanent foundation.  We will be posting pictures throughout the process giving you a clear view of exactly what to expect with your new home.

As you watch this project unfold it will probably cause you to seriously think of your new home.  How can Vermont Modular Homes help you?  We build Energy Efficient homes that are 100% Custom Built right down to the tiniest detail.

You are going to love your new home!

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