It is that time of year

It seems as though every winter we always get the same type of questions. 

Take a look at today’s photograph, that was February 2015 up on top of a mountain in central Vermont and it had been snowing for several days, the road was completely covered, and it was a wild and crazy winter day.  The town highway department graciously sanded the road just ahead of our trucks and despite the nasty winter weather everything went well.

Several years later this home was sold and the new owners are thrilled to be a part of central Vermont.

With the right equipment it is relatively easy to set a modular home in the middle of winter.  Vermont Modular has some excellent crews that do amazing work all time of the year.  Are you ready to start the conversation about your new home?

Next week we will be setting a brand-new home in Lamoille County of northern Vermont and in December we will be over in New York State inside the Adirondack Park with another new modular.

Call us to begin planning for your new home.  (802) 985-5855

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