It was an excellent house set

Yesterday, January 16, we set a handsome Ranch home here in Chittenden County Vermont, it was cold and windy, but everything went smoothly, and the entire house set was completed in one day.

We started about 8:30 in the morning.  Those of you that follow our daily blog know that the modules were delivered the previous afternoon.  The delivery was scheduled so that The Set could happen the following morning.

Here’s a brief rundown of what happened throughout the two days:

  • Delivery, the modules arrived early afternoon and were strategically placed on the property
  • The crane arrived from Catamount Crane Company about 8:00 am, thanks Cole
  • The factory set crew arrived, all eight men directly from the factory, they arrived about 8:45
  • By 9:30 the first module had been placed on the foundation, the lally columns were all set in place, and that first module, a.k.a. “box”, was proudly sitting on its permanent foundation
  • By 11:15 the second module/box was in place
  • And by 12:30 the roof had been raised, this is about when today’s photograph was taken.
  • At this time, we all took a break and ate pizza complements of our homeowner, thanks Eric it was great, I liked the Peperoni the best.
  • After lunch work continued on the roof so that it was 100% finished and completely weather tight.
  • Also, it is difficult to see in this picture but a porch across the middle of the house was built and set in place, look carefully and you will see the open space, that’s where the porch went.
  • Finally, at the end of a long day everyone went home about 5:00 with the house-set completed. 

This was a long day in the cold but none-the-less a very productive day where the men were proud of their work and the homeowners are thrilled.

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