It was snowing that day!

Take a look at today’s photograph it is of a crew setting a modular home on its permanent foundation on a VERY COLD winter day in 2010.

Yesterday’s blog showed several men on the set crew struggling in the bitter cold as they wallowed around in at least a foot of new snow.  Isn’t winter fabulous?  Maybe we should show you a picture of skiers up on the mountain enjoying the snow while we struggle.

Today’s photograph is the same house as yesterday up on top of a mountain near Morrisville Vermont but this time you can see the second module being gently set on the foundation.  Look carefully and you will notice that both modules are fully wrapped in plastic to prevent them from being damaged by the elements.

About a half hour after this picture was taken everyone had gone home, it was simply too cold!  The sky is gray and cloudy, the wind was howling, and the temperature was about minus ten degrees.  Yikes, that’s cold!

The following morning it was a beautiful winter day of about twenty degrees with bright sunshine in Lamoille County.  The set crew was able to finish their work by mid-afternoon.  The entire setting of the home on its foundation took two day.

When a home is stick-built during the winter here in Vermont the outside work can easily take three to four months.  When a modular home is set on the foundation it can easily be accomplished in one or two day.  Are you grasping why a modular home is better?

Would you really want your builder working for months outside on your new home?  Or, would you prefer the home be built inside in a controlled environment where work is done more precisely, materials are not damaged, and work is far more productive?

We think the choice is clear!

What do you think?

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