It will be time to dig shortly!

This weekend is when Day Light Savings Time begins and will last until November 3.  Often people think that this time of year is the most productive time for construction, and perhaps that is true.

Today’s photograph is of a job we did in Randolph Vermont, that’s in Orange County several years ago.  The excavator had started the job and as you can see a lot of dirt had been moved around in preparation for a modular home to arrive.

Granted, this weekend we are scheduled to get yet another snow storm but, soon it will be time for excavators to work as they build driveways, foundation holes, and septic systems along with a myriad of other projects.

If you are considering having your home built this spring/summer it is a great time to be talking with excavators and insuring that you have the right person to do work for you.

Currently Vermont Modular is scheduling deliveries and with proper planning you too can have your home delivered.

The other day we had folks in the office who asked if it was possible to have their new home this year.  Well……….., when we told them it could be delivered very quickly they were thrilled and the order is moving along rapidly.

Even with the snow on the ground it is a great time to be looking at property and planning.  If you are thinking of a vacation home it is great because your new ski house can easily be ready for next ski season. 

It is also possible for you to have your House at The Lake.  Can you imagine swimming from your front yard?

How about having the kids start school from their new home?

There are endless possibilities and they all begin with The Excavator.  Isn’t today’s picture terrific!

Call us to start the discussion.  985-5855

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