It's been a busy week.

Earlier this week we were up north, actually about as far north as anyone can go without leaving Vermont and entering Quebec.  We delivered a really cute Ranch House for a young family and everyone couldn’t be more pleased!

For a lot of reasons this was a uniquely enjoyable job!  All the owners were especially happy and excited to see this project actually come to fruition.  It was exciting.

At one point in the day I heard the owner say, “…Wow!’

“So, Chris, what do you mean?”  I asked

The perfect answer was, “Just WOW, I mean just WOW!”

It is do much fun to see people ecstatic over their new home and this was certainly the case on Tuesday.

Take a careful look at today’s picture.  The mountains in the background are all in Canada.  Actually, the border was about a block and a half away from this property.  This adorable modular home from Vermont Modular Homes sits in a very special and unique part of the state.

Take another look at the picture.  See the light blue/gray siding that is sitting on top of dark stuff.  Well, that dark stuff is continuous foam insulation that is on the Outside of the building’s envelope to act as a Thermal Barrier and greatly enhance the insulating value of the exterior wall. 

This home is a design special here at Vermont Modular, we pride ourselves in building only highly Energy Efficient Homes that a “Cheap to Heat!”

Wouldn’t you like to have an Energy Efficient home?

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