It's cold outside!

Just in case you haven’t noticed, it is really cold outside!  This morning as I left the house on my way to our offices here in Shelburne it was slightly above zero.  Yikes that’s cold!  And, the wind was blowing.  For sure, today is one of those days where “…you’ve just got to love winter.” 

Can you imagine your new home being built outside on a day like this?  Pretend that somehow the carpenters managed to work; how would they navigate working with gloves on?  Or even worse, how would they manage without gloves?  Either scenario is an accident looking for a place to happen!

With all that lovely news in place, take a long look at today’s photograph.  The picture clearly shows a home being built inside.  Inside in a factory that is built and designed specifically to build Modular Homes.  Inside away from the harsh elements that nature is throwing at us outside.

For all of you sitting at your computer reading and looking at this blog imagine this:

  • It is now 11 degrees and cloudy; the sun is not shining.
  • Your desk is outside on the frozen lawn
  • You are dressed nicely:  several layers, coat, gloves, hat, long under-ware, winter boots, and of course your gloves.
  • Sitting right in front of you is your desk, the computer, and your monitor screen.
  • Doesn’t this all sound lovely!

Here is your task:

  • Start your computer  (we will pretend it will run in the cold)
  • Turn the monitor on, the small button on the monitor, you can do this with your gloves, you know how
  • Wait for Windows to start……….. (getting cold)
  • Click on
  • Move your mouse around and open the blog so you can read along with us

Wait a minute, it is way to early for you to run inside and get away from the cold, you’re going to be spending the next several hours out here working.

Do you get the idea?  Would you like your home being built today outside?  Do you see how difficult everything is with gloves?  Imagine taking the gloves off in this cold?

What are your thoughts?

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