It's getting to be that time of year.

Every year and all year long we have inquiries about building new homes.  We always explain there are three basic time of the year when people want to move:

  1. Before Summer – these are the families where people want to be in their new home before the summer begins.  For example, we have several homes on order for late spring deliveries.
  2. Before School – obviously these are the folks with school age children, and they’d like the kids to be in their new home when school starts.
  3. Before Winter – fall is probably our busiest time of the year as everyone wants to be all warm and cozy in their new home before winter strikes.

Right now, the snow is melting, the Weather Bureau is warning of flooding, and obviously the spring thaw has already begun.  Here in Vermont many folks are out in the woods “Sugaring” or as you might not know, they are making Maple Syrup, a big Vermont event.  Did you know that Vermont produces more Maple Syrup than any other state!  How cool is that.

But as spring approaches we are faced with our Fifth Season of the year – MUD season.  Take a look at today’s picture, it shows, mud, puddles, and a genuine mess.  For all of you that live on dirt roads it will be quite a while before you have a clean car again. 

By the way, the picture today doesn’t show some of the most severe mud situations.  The photograph was actually taken right here in Burlington.  Yup, we do have areas that are not paved and you’re looking at one of them.

Most of the rural roads in Vermont are Closed to Heavy Vehicles during Mud Season.  This is to protect the road from heavy trucks creating ruts in the road and the Closed Roads can easily last into the middle of May.  The other day I was out and about and noticed “Closed” road signs already.  For those of you that live in rural areas you probably don’t notice these signs but take a look, they are there!

What a Closed Road means is that it is difficult if not impossible for construction to begin until the middle of May when things dry-out.

You have time to think and plan during Mud Season.  Give us a call at 985-5855

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