It's going to snow!

Today’s weather report calls for the north country get another snow storm tonight; I guess it’s going to snow all night and when we wake up there will be 6” to 8” or more of new snow.  Tomorrow morning is apt to be a bit dicey as we struggle off to work.

Don’t forget that there are those in Vermont that absolutely love the snow and all that comes with it.  Take a long look at today’s photograph, I am guessing that the skier in the picture is loving the snow!  A good friend of mine in Burlington will probably be up early with his board and be off to the mountain long before work in the morning. 

This is a great time for you and your family to make plans for your Ski House for next winter.  Currently in the plant we have a beautiful Chalet being built for delivery shortly.  This family’s winter ski house will be finished and ready to next winter’s ski season.

As we mentioned yesterday, we’ve moved from Shelburne to South Burlington, a whopping 6.1 miles away to our new office that is much larger and where we will be able to offer additional services.  Come and see us, we’d love to show you our new digs.

As you enjoy winter there is time for you to leisurely plan and create your new home, it is a good time for us as we now have the additional space to help you as you work your way through the Design Phase of creating your new home. 

Do you know that Vermont Modular has incorporated the services of two architects to help you design your new home?  It is true, we can offer professional architectural assistance as you dream and design. 

What services or assistance would you like to see us offer in our new office?

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