It’s time to insulate the basement.

We sincerely hope that everyone knows to insulate the basement walls of every new home.  This is part of the Vermont Energy Code.  There are several ways to properly insulate the basement:

  • Insulated Concrete Forms – this a system using foam blocks to hold the concrete in a poured concrete foundation.  Although ICF’s are very effective they can be expensive
  • Rigid foam on the INSIDE of the foundation – this is the system being used in today’s photograph.
  • Rigid foam on the OUTSIDE of the foundation – very similar to today’s picture except the “Blue Foam” is outside.

The actual placement of the foam is the source of constant discussion and controversy.

Today’s picture shows the system of installing the foam INSIDE and Vermont Modular Homes strongly thinks this is the very best way to satisfy the requirements of insulating the foundation.  Our thoughts:

  • Insulating the inside of the foundation keeps the basement warm and does not require the concrete being warmed up to “room-temperature.” 
  • If the foam were on the outside of the concrete wall it would mean energy would be spent warming up the concrete.  Why do that?
  • If the foam were on the outside then energy would be consumed to heat the concrete walls, doesn’t that seem like a lot of energy?  Wasted Energy!
  • Foam on the outside must be protected from the Sun’s UV rays as foam deteriorates rapidly when exposed to the sun.  Why do that?

We have even seen where people install foam on the outside then cut off the top two feet or so that would be exposed to the weather and sunshine.  That leaves the top part of the foundation without any insulation.  This is just plain not a good idea!

Today’s picture is the foundation for our next home to be delivered up north in in Orleans County Vermont.

It is a perfect time to start the conversation about your new home.  Call us at (802) 985-5855 and bring your dream into focus.

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