Labor Day 2019

Today’s blog celebrates the American Labor movement and recognizes all the contributions that workers have made to the growth and development of our country.

More than 10 years ago, in the late 1880’s Labor Unions, particularly in New York City, started celebrating the labor movement in the US.

All of us here at Vermont Modular want to honor all of our workers!  These are the men and women that build our homes, this is but one example of American Labor.

Every day in our blog we pose a question and today we are wondering who amongst you knows which state was the first to publicly set aside The First Monday in September as Labor Day.  Do you know?

If you are reading this on Facebook, we encourage you to post your answer and we will quickly find out who knows.

In the meantime over this holiday weekend when family gathers around the grill with fabulous family picnics we encourage you to seriously think about building your new home.  We must provide work for all the workers and your home will help.

Call us on Tuesday, we will be close on Monday, and start the conversation.  (802) 985-5855

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