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Do you know that the number one enemy of a well built home is WATER.  It all seems so silly; we spend a small fortune to bring clean drinking water INTO our homes and then we spend another small fortune to keep water out of our home.

It seems as though everyone grasps the concept of Clean Drinking Water and how very important that is.  Most of the homes we build seem to rely on a Drilled Well that can easily cost $7,000 to $10,000 and many times much more all depending on the depth of the well and the quality of the water from that well.

But today’s photograph clearly shows how water, in this case frozen water called SNOW, impacts a home as it is built.  Seriously, do you honestly think this is The Best way to build a new home?  Look on the right-hand side of the picture and you will see a neatly pile of lumber all exposed to the weather.  That lumber with a very high moisture content from the snow will be used to build the home in the picture.

Be honest, is that the way you want your home built?  Ok, lets pretend your home is going to be built in the summer.  During the summer the lumber will not be snowed in.  But it will be drenched with rain water.  What’s the significant difference?  NONE, both are certainly not a good thing and you know that!

Modular homes that are going to Fletcher Vermont in Franklin County or over in Glover Vermont’s Orleans County or any other of Vermont’s 255 municipalities; all of them are built inside away from the weather and harsh elements.  It is a Controlled Environment that gives you a superior built home.

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